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University of Maryland (Instructor)

  • Principle of Macroeconomics (undergrad), University of Maryland, Summer 2019, 2020, Winter 2020 (eval: 3.36/4.0)

  • Macro Comprehensive Exam Session (Ph.D. core), University of Maryland, Summer 2019, 2020


University of Maryland (Teaching Assistant)

  • Macroeconomic Analysis II (Ph.D. core), University of Maryland, Spring 2019, 2020 (eval: 3.98/4.0)

  • Macroeconomic Analysis I (Ph.D. core), University of Maryland, Fall 2018, 2019 (eval: 3.80/4.0)

  • Money and Banking (undergrad), University of Maryland, Spring 2018

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (undergrad), University of Maryland, Fall 2017

Selected Comments from Students

  • "Seula obviously works very hard to be prepared. She is incredibly smart and always willing to answer any questions I have."

  • "Great at answering questions during discussion and very helpful 1–on–1 during office hours"

  • "Professor Seula Kim was very quick to respond to emails and always had a helpful response"

  • "Seula is a great TA! She is very clear about the material and well organized. The discussion session is very helpful."

  • "Seula is a very solid TA and it is evident that she knows the material quite well."

  • "The TA was always well prepared for the discussion sessions and for her office hours. I highlight her dedication to the course."

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