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WORKING PAPERS              


  • Workers' Job Prospects and Young Firm Dynamics (Job Market Paper) [Draft]

- Winner of the Best Job Market Paper Award (by the Korea-America Economic Association)

- Finalist for the Best Paper in Entrepreneurial Cognition (by the Academy of Management and Kauffman Foundation)

- Previously titled "Job Prospects, Compensation, and Young Firm Dynamics"

Presented at: MEA Annual Meeting (Minneapolis), NASMES 2022 (Miami), Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, AMES 2022 (virtual), RES Symposium of Junior Researchers 2022 (virtual), WEAI Annual Conference (virtual), ESAM 2022 (virtual), AOM Annual Meeting (Seattle, invited as the Best Paper Award finalist), Young Economist Symposium 2022 (Yale), U.S. Census CES Seminar (virtual), Economics Graduate Student Conference 2022 (WUSTL), KAEA Job Market Conference (virtual), Midwest Macro Fall 2022 Meeting (SMU), SEA Annual Meeting (Fort Lauderdale), Minneapolis Fed Junior Scholar Conference, University of Michigan, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Penn State University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, SUNY at Buffalo, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, City University of Hong Kong (virtual), Korea Development Institute (virtual), OECD (virtual), Hong Kong University (declined), IMF (virtual), SOLE 2023 (Philadelphia), SED 2023 (Cartagena, scheduled), Yonsei University (scheduled), EEA-ESEM 2023 (Barcelona, scheduled)

  • Competition, Firm Innovation, and Growth under Imperfect Technology Spillovers (with Karam Jo [Draft] [SSRN[Slides]

Presented at: WEAI Virtual International Conference (virtual, co-author presented), RES Annual Meeting (virtual), WEAI Annual Conference (virtual), Economics Graduate Student Conference 2021 (WUSTL), Sejong University (co-author presented), EWMES 2021 (virtual), MEA Annual Meeting (Minneapolis), U.S. Census CES Seminar (virtual, co-author presented), Korean Econometric Society 2022 Fall Conference (SNU, co-author presented), Korea International Economic Association 2022 Winter Conference (SNU, co-author presented), Midwest Macro Spring 2023 Meeting (Clemson), SED 2023 (Cartagena, scheduled), KER-KAEA International Conference (Yeosu, scheduled), AIEA-NBER Conference (Taipei, scheduled), APPAM Fall Research Conference (Atlanta, scheduled)

  • Product Switching and Young Firm Dynamics over the Business Cycle (with Karam Jo) [Draft]

Presented at: WEAI International Conference (virtual), Midwest Macro Spring 2023 Meeting (Clemson), WEAI Annual Meeting (scheduled, virtual), AMES 2023 (Singapore, scheduled)

- CES Working Paper No. 22-31


  • Cyclical Dynamics of Young Firms through the lens of Workers' Job Prospects


  • Sectoral Heterogeneity in Nominal Rigidities in Korea: Implications for Monetary Policy (with Jae Won Lee)[Journal Page]  

Korean Economic Review 36(1): 59-99, 2020

- Predoctoral Research extending Master's Thesis

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